Nema Automazione was founded in the 1995 by two partners coming from a precedent entrepreneurial experience and after more than 30 years of steady employment in the automatic machines field. 

Additionally to decennial collaboration with some big companies in the tissue and metallic jars fields, Nema Automazione has developed very high quality packaging solutions, for all those people require a particular wrapping form. This production covers all end-line necessity for polyethylene film or carton boxes solutions in the tissue, food, cosmetic, beverage and much else sectors. We have a big range of machine, different for packaging materials, size and rate of production, but the plus of this team is the ability to study and to realize particular machines, completely customized, to treatment some difficult products or to create innovative wrapping request from the world market. 

 Ten years ago, additionally  to the Shrink Wrapping and Bundle  machines, NEMA has realized the first case packer machine,  based on the costumer necessity  of simplicity, reliability  and extreme versatility.  In the following years, the project  is growing-up, and now we can offer a different solution to product manage, kind of closure, rate of production, case dimension and more else.

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