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Once there was a good case former machine, able to work until 22 case per min, but the greater part of customer doesn't need to so performed machine, they asked 8/10 case per min, a compact size machine or an automatical case packer.

So when a customer has asked to us a case packer for glass jams, able to work until 12/15 case per min, just on one layer the trasformation is began.

After four weeks, the machine has been finished. This is our jobs. We doesn't know limit, when our customers give us their trust.


Forming & Management of carton boxes

Additionally to our carton former machine model "C20", we studied a complex system to the manage of carton boxes. Two mecanical lifts feed two different lines that supply the case to more of four operator stations. Using mobile conveyors, slides and several lock system, all stations have got the quantity of cases they need.


Pneumatic Lift for Food Processing

Several times NEMA Automazione worked in delicated field as food industries, and everytime he was be able to solve the problem or the necessity of our customer. In this case, for example, the customer needed an elevator, completely inox iron, to move their big beef pieces on more level.