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Palletizer PAL3A

PAL3A palettizer is characterized by a strong and compact iron structure and with a linear axis system specially designed for the movement of differing gripping devices. Dedicated for whom that, in restricted spaces, wants to automate the loading of products over pallets, improving the business efficiencies and saving manpower.

The PAL3A solution allows the handling of many types of case, box, tray, bundles and every other kind of articles that can be positioned and aligned on pallets. Movement  system on the four Cartesian axes, powered by brushless motors, allows the pallet stacking in a short time maintaining the highest precision.

The gantry palletising system PAL3A has controlled by PLC system so it is possible to work with any palletising scheme. The very user friendly change over can be obtained in a few minutes. The gantry palletising system PAL3A can be equipped with a variety of options such as automatic empty pallets magazine and exit roller conveyors for finished pallets. All our system are equipped with all the safety devices in accordance with the current EC regulations.

PAL3A is a 4-axis palletizing robot composed of a mono-block and designed for palletising boxes, bundles, jars, bags, reels and everything that can be placed on pallets.

4-axis powered by Servo-motors ensure high precision and the best performance.

The shape really thin is perfect for limited area.

The palletisation schemes are created using a PCs tool and saved On HMI touchscreen, the work programmes can be changed and created very easily by the operator. For more info click here..