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Bundle Machine

 Automatic machine, of the tie shrink-wrapping machine typology, useful to pack every kind of product when it is requested a completely closed and well-presented package. TOTAL CLOSURE machine works with a thermoretractable polyethylene reel enwrapped in a one-fold paper. The rolling up of the product takes place during the advancement of the product itself, the longitudinal closure happens due to an overlap in the lower side of the product. The head closures take shape with side folders and are then settled with hot bar welder.

 The standard machine can be completed with different types of loader depending on the client and product requirements. In order to reach the final goal, the machine needs to have or a retraction passage, whose size is determined from the final package size or an hot air sealer.

Retraction tunnel : when you have the necessary of  a very tight pack, you can prefer this solution, in whic all wrapped film will be retracted and the longitudinal welding will be effected inside the retraction tunnel.

Hot air sealer: when you need a sort of sack, not excessively tight, you can prefer this solution, in whic the longitudinal welding will be effected for means to an air welder,
during the unwinding phase .