:: Plastic Film

Ideal machines to packaging different kind of products, where a tightly-closed and attractive package is required.

 It can work with single product as rolls, boxes, etc, or to work with pre-pack products as sack of rolls, bags of napkins etc.

The Total Closure  machines work with a thermo-retractable polyethylene reel holding single-fold paper. The wrapping of the product takes place as the product advances. Longitudinal closure is achieved by an overlap on the underside of  the product. Head closures are formed with lateral folders and are then bar-welded.

The limitless configuration of the bundle is programmable by HMI, inside the mechanic range. You can choose to work with retraction tunnel (to get a strong and very compact pack) or with hot air sealer ( to get a sack).

NEMA AUTOMAZIONE proposes several different models of sleeve wrappers. Sleeve wrap packages have open ends, which are commonly referred to as "bullseyes." NEMA offers a wide range of machines for both intermittent motion and continuous motion wrapping. These machines can be customized to meet your specific requirements and are available with a variety of infeed and collation options. Ours Shrink Wraping machine are customized according to speed from 10 to 20 pack/min, to lay-out necessity in-line or 90° in-feed conveyor, to particular customer requirement.