:: Wrap-Around


Long Product Wrap Around

 Suitable for shaping, filling and closing microwavable cardboard boxes for the packaging of a vast range of products. This machine’s special characteristic is its ability to cope with products of considerable length (up to 1,420mm). Some of its applications may be suitable for boxing rolls of paper, cloth or synthetic materials such as rubber or for  the packaging of particularly long items.
 A large cardboard box storage unit ensures optimal operational freedom, completely freeing up the operator. Its synergy of mechanical and pneumatic movement, its position control via encoder, its dedicated vacuum pump and the use of top-brand hot-melt units all guarantee the utmost reliability as well as excellent production speeds.
 The WA10 project was developed starting from such basic customer requirements  as simplicity of operation, versatility and the use of top-quality materials and components; all aimed at providing reliability at the highest level.
 Ideal for any situation when an optimum level of packaging for quality products is required, and where the market is not always able to propose innovative, out-of-the-ordinary solutions.
  • Large cardboard-box storage capacity
  • Extremely reliable and Robust
  • Quick and simple format change using hand-wheel and numerical indicators
  • Limited maintenance
  • Excellent value for money
Optional Units:
  • By-pass unit
  • Ribbon unit  expulsion on by-pass
  • flap position control unit (for rolls)
  • Ready for box marking
  • Various layout solutions