:: Case Former & Filler


Case Former Machine

The carton forming model "C20" belongs to a generation of extremely advanced mchinery designed to meet the most recent market requirements. This machine is designed for on-the-spot format size changes with very simple and fast format change procedures. The stack of cartons is placed by hand in the carton storage space. A draft gear removes the cartons one to one by means of suckers moving the carton along the forming line through to the exit.


Case Filler Machine

This machine is designed to process product from shrink-wrapping machines in pre-cut formats or formats which still require cutting. The product is loaded automatically on th efeed conveyor into the machine. A special unit lifts and cuts the product and places it into the carton box. The boxes are then loaded automatically on to feed belt which takes them into the machine and out again. The two belts intersect at the point where the products is placed in the carton box. A box lifting device on the feed belt facilitates insertion of the product and prevents stacking.