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Case Packer

This machine is able to shape, fill and close American-type cartons for a varied range of products in such sectors as tissues, food, etc.
The IA600 and IA800 packaging machines came from the idea of developing a simple product which is, at the same time, able to satisfy all the needs of end users over several working shifts.  Its reliability, versatility and the use of super-sized, long-duration components make this machine an ideal work partner. The carton is fed in manually or by means of an automatic loader inside the carton storage unit without interrupting the machine’s regular operating cycle. A mechanical, pneumatic arm takes and opens the carton which is then deposited in front of an adjustable hopper. The feeding unit, using an elevator and pusher, inserts the product, in its selected composition, into the box. At the end, during transportation towards the exit the box is closed with adhesive tape or with a hot glue such as Hot-Melt. In consideration of the strong specialization in the Tissue field , the case packers can handle a wide range of sizes , including very large cases as big as 800 x 600 x 600mm and can achieve a speed of 7 – 8 cases / min. depending upon size and pattern of the products to pack. The machines have been designed to be flexible , reliable , extremely robust and suitable to work 3 shifts / day , and can be equipped with infeed collators suitable to handle all the different products of the Tissue Industry.



Capacity horizontal carton storage unit - 1m  for IA800 and1.2 mfor IA600
All positive movements guarantee perfect safety in performance
Fast and easy format change using hand-wheels  and numerical position indicator
Limited maintenance required
Compact size 

Optional Units:

RP version: Standing or Lying configuration news.gif
Product turn-over unit
Automatic feeding
Carton closure with Hot-Melt glue
Carton turn-over unit
Ready for carton marking
Autoloader storage unit
Different layout solutions