:: Carton Boxes

Ideal machine to forming, filling and closing American-type cartons, with several kind of products, for example boxes, sacks, rolls, napkins and others.

The IA project was developed in accordance with the basic requirements of customers, such as simplicity of operation, versatility, use of top quality materials and components, all of which offer high levels of reliability. 


Suitable for shaping, filling and closing microwavable cardboard boxes for the packaging of a vast range of products. This machine's special characteristic is its ability to cope with products of considerable length (up to 1,420mm).
Some of its applications may be suitable for boxing rolls of paper, cloth or synthetic materials such as rubber or for the packaging of particularly long items.
Ideal for any situation when an optimum level of packaging for quality products is required, and where the market is not always able to propose innovative, out-of-the-ordinary solutions.

Sometime when customers don't find what he need, they call NEMA and ask to us what we can study to solve their packaging problem. Since last 10 years, we have studied several solution expressly dedicated to our customer request.

Case filler machine, case former machine, transformation of used machine are some of our works.  Solution studied to meet the necessity of single customer.