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How's NEMA?

NEMA AUTOMAZIONE srl is an Italian company specialized in designing and manufacturing end of line packaging machines ( Case Packers , Bundlers / Shrink wrappers and Palletizers ) for several kind of Industry .

Nema Automazione srl is a family based company founded in 1995 by Mr. Masetti , designer with a very long experience in the packaging machinery , particularly in the Tissue field , initially as employees of  important companies located here in Bologna ( I ) , then as sub-contractor assemblers and installers of their machines .

Shortly after its foundation , the company started the development of a very high quality packaging solutions, able to meet all customer necessity. Our products cover all end-line necessity as shrinking machines, Over-wrappers/Bundlers, case packer, wrap-around and pallettizer for tissue, food, cosmetic, beverage and much else sectors. We are able to supply  a big range of machines, different for packaging materials, size and rate of production, but the plus of this team is the ability to study and to realize particular machines, completely customized on the customer needs.

 All our projects, starting from the first shrink wrapper machine until the last realization (our PAL3A pallettizer) are based on the basic concepts of simplicity, reliability and extreme versatility.  This way to build machine is the main reason to explain our success, and the reason because the 45% of our customers have got more than a single machine.


When a customer test us, he finds what he’s looking for… 



PAL3A is a 4-axis palletizing robot composed of a mono-block and designed for palletising boxes, bundles, jars, bags, reels and everything that can be placed on pallets.

4-axis powered by Servo-motors ensure high precision and the best performance.

The shape really thin is perfect for limited area.

Compact, very robust and affordable pricewise.

The palletisation schemes are created using a PCs tool and saved On HMI touchscreen, the work programmes can be changed and created very easily by the operator. For more info click here..

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